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A MAJOR key to growing a firm is building your team and the ongoing managing, nurturing and leading your people. This comes with smiles and tears and it is a very rewarding experience and partners are very proud of their team. Building an amazing team just brings everything together. But I always hear it is hard to find good people – that is true. You have to turn over a lot for rocks to find the great within the good. In this episodes I talk about:

  • firing poor performers,
  • outsourcing,
  • hiring for strengths,
  • the key role of a client manager, and
  • the opportunistic time it is now (Sept 2020) to hiring top talent made redundant from big firms.

I also share very soon to be open Modern Firm Practices Membership – opening 1 October. The wait list is filling up as I coordinate an amazing community of accountants to get access to the Modern Firm Practices resources, monthly training, monthly ‘Ask Me Anything’ and a forum to get answers and feedback from your peers.

Join the Modern Firm Practices Membership wait list: https://bradturville.comMFP

Modern Firm Practices – A weekly show for accountants on how to become the Modern Accountant and implement Modern Firm Practices into your firm.

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Brad Turville

Consultant | I help professional service businesses fast track their growth by working smarter not harder.