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The increase in fees earned will be greater that we have ever done before, and a focus on the different roles in the business with a documented organisational structure meant that I now spend less time in the office and am able to focus on my areas of responsibility.

If you have a desire to develop and improve your business, please call Brad and tell him what you want to achieve and Brad will help you get there – guaranteed.

Ed EikelboomPrincipal of Oaktree Accounting

Coaching Program

Join a small group of like minded Accountants on their journey to getting their house sorted, freeing up capacity and pulling the growth levers.


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Private Consulting

1:1 Private Consulting for you and your team to implement advisory, fix burning issues and ongoing accountability


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2020 Events

Learn how to get your house sorted, create capacity and grow your practice




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Brad Turville

Brad Turville is a third generation financial expert, with his father, uncle and grandfather all owning their own successful accounting firms. At just 26, the financial whiz kid founded his own award-winning firm, BJT Financial Services.

Many business owners I speak and consult with have an enormous amount of untapped potential at their finger tips, just waiting to be unleashed, with some specialised coaching.

With my 15+ years of experience, I have accumulated a library of collective wisdom which I today share through live events and coaching. Combining industry specific intelligence, expertise and contemporary best practice, my philosophy is to ‘work smarter, not harder’.

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