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The BIGGEST problem I see with Partners is 1st the feeling they have no time and 2nd no clear boundaries on how they allocate their time. In an accounting firm, especially for a Partner, it is Death By 1000 Cuts. All those little things here there and everywhere compound up quickly and eat away at the hours in the day.

Many Partners tell me they want to grow, some top line some bottom line, and the key to make this happen is to optimise for time. When we can get your TIME right, we can then work on the numbers.


  1. What do I mean by 1000 cuts?
  2. You need to put the bumpers down
  3. It’s not always at work tasks that eat at your time
  4. How to do a proper time audit
Brad Turville

Consultant | I help professional service businesses fast track their growth by working smarter not harder.