Modern Firm Sales

For Accountants

Many accountants are very good at what they do but they have a real fear of selling and worried they'll come across as product pushing. In a world of rapid change, tighter margins and greater competition, it is essential that accountants dedicate time and energy to better sales processes to improve productivity, efficiency and profit. Stop Selling, Start Help

Three Levels Of Training

With his experience as an accountant and business advisor, matched with deep expertise in sales and business development, Brad has designed sales training programs to suit your size and needs from the introductory Sole Practitioner Program for small firms, to the flagship Foundations Program for ambitious firms, and the immersive 2Day LIVE Workshop Program titled Evolution.

Sole Practitioner


Learn the key sales mindsets, strategies and process to improve your sales capabilities and client conversations. You will discover the difference between cost and value and how to articulate your value to clients. This program is designed specifically for startup/small firms to help you get ahead.



Stop Selling, Start Helping is the overarching theme in our flagship Foundations Program. You and your team will gain the Foundations of Sales for Accountants through better conversations and identify opportunities with prospective, new and existing clients. You will also learn best practices on nurturing relationships, the follow up and dealing with objections. Sales Coaching is included in this program to ensure action and implementation from the training.



For the best sales training and experience we have a 2Day Live Workshop for you and your team to learn Modern Firm Sales. We work on key mindsets and sales psychology, identifying and winning new client projects, showing and articulating the value, tracking and managing sales numbers and sales pipeline and live role playing. Designed to increase confidence, relationships, referrals and testimonials without the fear of product pushing.

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Mark JenkinsCo-Founder and Sales Director, The Gap

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