Accountant Coaching Program

Join a small group of like minded Accountants on their journey to getting their house sorted, freeing up capacity and pulling the growth levers.

Helping Accountants Lift The Lid On
Their Personal And Business Potential

Thinking like an athlete, there are two ways to do things:

  • trial and error; or
  • the other is through following a recipe of someone else who has been there and done it before.

But very few business owners, probably less than 5%, have a coach or a mentor, or someone who has been down that road hundreds of times before and knows how to save you a lot of headaches and time and money.

If you are working with a blunt axe then you are only working with 20 or 30 per cent of your effectiveness and most business owners are like that and they don’t want to take time out of their business because they are too busy working in their business to get out of it

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." ― Abraham Lincoln

The Program Solves Your Problem in 3 Ways:

Get Your House Sorted

Build a business by design through a strategic plan, price/package correctly and build out systems.

Free Up Your  Capacity

[MOST CRUCIAL] Organisational and Capacity Planning, high performance culture and efficient workflow.

Pull The Growth Levers

Maximise existing clients, attract and convert advisory clients and supercharge your compliance process.

Okay, that sounds good, but why would I join this program?


Learn World's Best Practice

You know there are things you don't know that once installed will really move the needle in your practice.


Supportive Community

Join the group of like minded accountants to support and celebrate with you as you all work towards building a remarkable practice.



As the owner/partner in your practice you lack the accountability of having someone hold you to your goals and objectives and tend to not push what is possible.


​Customer stories

Valda Glynn of MRG Redshaw

"We have clarity of what to go away and action, spend time to work on the business not in the business and clarity on KPIs and opportunities sitting there."

Braden Johnston of Rising Tide

"The next 12 months are shaping up as our biggest and best ever, and we wouldn’t be doing as well as we are without being part of Brad’s coaching program."

Rod Evans of Trilogy Professional 

"I now have clarity and timeline on goals and key projects, understanding of changes required for profit growth and clear on what to pursue."

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